Main products include: small concrete pump truck, concrete mixer truck, concrete mixing plant, trailer concrete pump, hydraulic concrete placing boom, plastering machine, industrial pump and high-altitude operation equipment. Among them the small concrete pump truck featuring independent R&D and innovation has been the first brand of China, ranked first in domestic market in terms of its annual production and sales volume, broke the status of long-term monopoly of foreign brands, completely changed the industrial competitive landscape and led in the field of small concrete pump truck.

In 2014, Qingdao Saintyol DAWIN had made significant adjustment in terms of its developing strategy, transformed from only emphasizing on the development of concrete machinery sector to keep pace with the five sectors, including concrete machinery, agricultural machinery, sanitation equipment, electric device and financial area. As for the market of new countryside construction and urban-rural integration, the company has formally launched out the V-series concrete complete sets of equipment integrating concrete mixing, transportation and pumping, truly realized the application of commercial concrete in the rural architecture field. The move has greatly improved the anti-seismic grade and construction quality of rural construction, saved the cost of labor, reduced the waste of remaining dinas as well as effectively improved the project efficiency and the environmental protection. The launch of concrete complete sets of equipment enjoys great popularity among the rural friends, attracting innumerable customers form all country to visit, investigate, and order. The company has been leading the construction reform in the urban-rural building industry, insisting on the mission of “Height Decides Future” it has applied 5%--8% of annual sales revenue into research, development and innovation, dedicated to upgrade the production to the first level in the world.

New design truck mounted wet concrete spraying pump from Saintyol DAWIN Machinery