Analysis on China Concrete Pumping Truck Market

Following lots of huge construction projects kicked off in China, the market demands for concrete equipment increased sharply in recent years. At the meanwhile, the Forbidden Regulation for onsite concrete mixing in China cities has promote the market demands on some concrete equipment such as concrete pumping trucks to even further. Up to now, there several features for China concrete pumping truck market as following here:

1. The demands increased fast, the market becomes bigger
Recently, China basic infrastructure construction have grown up continuously, all the construction scale and scope have expanded. Also, the great development on China Eastern areas and Northeast old industrial bases have pushed China concrete industry and relevant construction equipment as well as relative rental and leasing business to develop quickly. All these advantages have promoted China concrete pumping truck market to grow up and formulate a relative big market space.

At present, the market demands for concrete pumping truck in China have grown up with 100%. And the number of buyers for concrete pumping truck has alsopresent, there are more than 1,000 company users in China. There are also considerable private users in China costal areas and they are major in rental business or subcontractor roles with their own concrete mixing equipment, pumps and trucks.

2. China made concrete pump trucks have dominated China market
At present, there are two major concrete pumping truck markets in China, the first is located in the economic developed areas such as Shanghai, Guangdong and Beijing areas, and the competition is very intensive in these areas but the market is stable; the second is located in China middle and western areas, all these areas are in the new and growing stage.

Now, China domestic brands have covered 90% market shares from original 10%, and there are more than 10 concrete pumping truck manufacturers in China with total output of 600 annually. The major enterprises in China include Dongfeng, Zoomlion, Sany, Liaoning Hainuo, Anhui Xingma, Shanghai Putzmeister and Shandong Hongda Group, their total output has taken about 95% of total industrial output per year. Among them, both the Sany and Zoomlion have taken a half of total China market shares.

3. The technical gap between China and foreign products has reduced
Following the development on the key technical sides, China made concrete pumping trucks has reduced the technical gap continuously with foreign ones,
1)Multi-types of Chassis
Now in China, there are several types of popular chassis used for pumping trucks, including Volvo, Benz, Isuzu and some Chinese brands. All those concrete pumping trucks used China made chassis have somewhat price advantages than foreign chassis. However, all brands of chassis in China have got their market indeed now.
2)The hydraulic system moved forward to integration
Boom style concrete pumping trucks have widely adopted opening system and consistent power controlling system. At the same time, the fully-hydraulic system controlling technology and computer controlling system have got a breakthrough development.
3) The energy saving and environmental protection are the new development trends of pumping trucks
Now, it is popular to change from the water cooling system to wind cooling system, and the most of engines’ emission has achieved the Euro Ⅱ or even Euro Ⅲ standard.
4) The frameworks are even more flexible
China made booms have continuously extended from its original 37 meters length. Additionally, in order to fit the change of different jobsites, the pillars of the boom style concrete pumping trucks in China market have been designed with several special characters such as unique and diversified features.
5) The boom technology has developed a lot
Recently, although the China made boom style concrete pumping trucks are still laggard behind some foreign brands with its lower stability and technical level, it has already got some progress and it has become more matchable with China working situation and custom.
6) The output of concrete pumping trucks becomes bigger
Following the boom of concrete pumping trucks becoming longer, the size of truck becomes bigger too, so the same to the diameter of feeding cylinder. Since the demands of construction projects schedule, it needs more and bigger pumping output around 80-120 cubic meters/per hour. It could be predicted that the big pumping output will be the future trend of concrete pumping trucks in China. In addition to this, the pumping pressure has become higher than ever and now the exit pressure of the pump is about 22 MPa, and it seems that the pressure will become even higher.
7) More functions with the controlling system
The controlling system has developed very fast in the recent two years with the concrete pumping trucks, and now the controlling system has changed from traditional PLC controlling system to intelligent computer controlling system. Through the touching screen, it could be dialoged between human being and the machinery.

As the great development and progress with the designing and manufacturing of concrete pumping trucks in China, some relevant using, maintenance and repairing levels have also got a great enhancement. Following the great development with China cities construction buildings, transportation and water resources infrastructure constructions, the demands for concrete pumping trucks will keep growing up. It could be predicted that China concrete pumping truck market will be great prosperous for a relative long time in the future years.