What preparations need to be made to improve the working efficiency of the wet spray machine

What preparations need to be made to improve the working efficiency of the wet spray machine

In order to ensure the quality of wet spray and improve the efficiency of the wet spray machine, the preparations must be done before the wet spray machine starts. What kind of preparations need to be done? Next, the author will discuss it for everyone.

1. First of all, clean up the wet spray site, and there should be no gangue and debris;
2. Place the wet spray machine firmly, connect the wind, water pipes, and feed pipes. The layout of the pipes should be straight, without sharp bends, and the joints should be tight and no air leakage;
3. Check whether the performance of the wet spray machine is intact, and whether the fasteners are firmly fixed, and then turn on the power for a no-load test run, and check whether the rotation is normal;
4. Set a wet spray range around the wet spray surface, and install a thickness mark in the wet spray area;

5. Prepare labor protection supplies for the operator of the wet spraying machine. What precautions should be given in advance during the wet spraying process;

6. Pull an isolation belt around the wet spray area, no unrelated persons are allowed to enter, to ensure that the wet spray surface is not damaged after wet spray.

After the above work is ready, use high-pressure feng shui to wash the wet spray surface again, and then you can start the wet spray machine for wet spray.