Learned these tips, Easily application the concrete placing booms

Concrete placing booms are divided into manual concrete placing booms and hydraulic concrete placing booms. According to different pouring environments and individual requirements, develop mobile hydraulic concrete placing booms, walking hydraulic placing booms, independent hydraulic placing booms, elevator shaft climbing hydraulic concrete placing booms, floor slabs Jack-up hydraulic distributing placing boom machine, horizontal hydraulic distributing machineplacing booms, etc.

Qingdao Saintyol DAWIN Machinery absorbs the world''s technology, self-designed and developed the HGY series hydraulic distributing concrete placing boom machine, which has the characteristics of reasonable structure, excellent performance, safety and reliability. Different types and models of hydraulic spreaders concrete placing booms are suitable for various occasions and environments, greatly improving construction efficiency, and are a good helper for your construction!

1. First of all, before we install the concrete placing boom machine, we must carefully check every component and pipe buckle of the assembled concrete placing machine.

2. Secondly, when we use the tower crane to lift the concrete placing boom  machine, we must carefully check the spreader boom used.

3. Then, when the concrete placing boom machine is in place on the top plate of the formwork, we must first select the place where the concrete placing boom machine is placed, and reinforce the four feet of the concrete placing boom machine. At this time, it should be noted that reinforcement should be carried out under the top plate of the formwork, and the size of the reinforcement should be determined according to the size of the concrete distributor.

4. Next, when the reinforcement is completed, put down the concrete placing boom machine, buckle the cable wind rope, and then hoist the counterweight of the concrete placing boom machine to ensure the balance and stability of the concrete placing machine.

5. When concrete placing boom machine is used for concrete pouring, the placing boom is used to distribute the cloth, and the base of the cloth pole and the fixing frame are fixed firmly with steel pipes to ensure that the placing boom is stable, does not shake, and does not tilt when the concrete is transported.

6. While pouring the concrete with the concrete spreader, the concrete spreader must be tracked and inspected. If the problem is found, the irrigation should be stopped immediately, and the rectification should be carried out immediately, and the concrete should be poured after confirming that there is no safety hazard.

7. After the concrete placement with the concrete placing boom machine is finished, the base concrete of the concrete placing machine should be cleaned first, and after the cleaning is completed, the concrete placing machine should be hoisted down with a tower crane and installed firmly, and the cable wind rope should be pulled.