HGY15m Hydraulic Spider Concrete Placing Boom


◆HGY15m Mobile Concrete Placing Boom can be placed in suitable places required without being fixed. ◆It features compact structure, light weight and can be lifted as a whole by a crane. ◆With excellent maneuverability, it can meet the requirements for concrete placement on different job site, and is ideal for concrete pumping and placing ◆Easy operation ,reliable safety and economical purchase


Trailer Mobile Spider Concrete Placing Boom From Saintyol DAWIN Machinery with quality control and SafeWork certificates and nice after sales services has been well shipped to U.S.A.Canada, Australia, Philippines, Afghanistan,Myanmar etc.

Testing & Working Video: 





A.Auto robot cordless remote control system.

B.Proportional valve, manual levers and control system in options to ensure the placing boom could work normally in any conditions when meet problems or not.

C.Crack detection in welding manufacturing process to keep each concrete placing boom would be in safe working on job sites before shipping.

D.Labors saving.The robot concrete placing boom with cordless remote control foldable arms section, 13m is "Z" shape, 15m and 17m are "R" shape, 21m and 23m are 4 sections "M" folding, very effective in light weight and labor saving on job sites.One man to control it easily.

E.Less wearing parts.There is no extra wearing parts to the concrete placing booms except for 1 year life changing the hydraulic oil filter and the delivery pipes in 50000m3 and more.

F.Easier transportation and installation. The trailer mobile concrete placing boom could be separated in several smaller pares to be lifted by crane on job sites and installed in short time.

G.Concrete pump partner. the concrete placing boom is the right end solution of concrete pumping system, it could be moved and touch to the every place sites on the jobs platforms.

H.Short manufacturing time.Trailer mobile concrete placing from Saintyol DAWIN machinery there would be common stocks to HGY13 HGY15 and HGY17 models, orders could be short into 15 days or less.

In order to extend the placing range of concrete pump and enhance the mechanization of pumping construction, our company have researched and developed the new products-a series of mobile concrete placing boom HGY-13, HGY-15,HGY-17 and HGY23 (the number is the placing radius)

The mobile concrete placing boom is the assorted equipment of concrete pump. Its application extends the delivery range of concrete, efficiently solves the problem of wall painting and plays an important role in enhancing construction efficiency and reducing the labor intensity.

Solenoid Valve

solenoid valve is an 


operated valve.the valve

 is controlled by an electric

 current through a solenoid.

Upper bracket

a metal welded structure, is installed in the inner ring of the pivoting support, and fastened by high strength bolts.

Swirl gear

It’s with Pullman reducer,composed of hydraulic motor, decelerator, pivoting support, etc.

landing leg

The bearing part and working

 device of concrete placing boom,

 is installed with four landing legs.

Detachable Boom Arm

The frame of placing boom is linked with upper bracket with the draw arms via the Quick Couplers.

Remote Control

Accessories(American Parker seal,Yangtze river hydraulic parts,LS and Omron Main electric parts)


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